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    King Biscuit gone from Deep Tracks ?

    Try this page . . . Near the bottom click "View A Program List." It's on there. I think they just shuffled the days and times.
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    First Wave sucks!!

    1st Wave appears to be an 80's-era KROQ (L.A.) re-tread. Explains why Richard Blade and Swedish Egil are there (both ex-KROQ).
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    what band should they or will they give a station to next?

    Which artist should they? None. Which will they? I hear Britney has a new album coming out . . . :right:
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    Bad Coffee

    I like Soundscapes on cable and I also liked Audio Visions on XM . . . Spa is okay about 2/3 of the time. I'm not big on flutes or warbling singers, but at lease the new Spa carries Hearts of Space. That helps.
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    Lithium sucks now!!

    It does appear Lithium has expanded their playlist. There are certainly a lot of "new" songs on the station! Unfortunately, the songs they've added are mostly miserable. I think the channel is now programmed by a teenager for minimum wage, who went through his dad's CD collection, hit...
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    Bad Coffee

    Wow -- I am surprised at how much I dislike The Coffee House. I like acoustic rock, figuring if an artist can do that well, then "electric" would be a breeze. But the Coffee House seems to go out of its way to pick bad versions of cover songs that weren't that good the first time around...
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    When the hell are they gonna update the websites?

    I agree. This doesn't seem like incompetence, but a rush job.
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    Sirius vs XM -- Differences Table

    I find XM to have generally better SQ on the music channels, Sirius sounds better on the talk stations. XM's talk stations just sound like slush, but I could EQ the music channels to sound pretty decent. I couldn't EQ the Sirius channels to the same level as XM, so I ended up listening to...
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    Is SBS finally dead??

    Many are rude. :yesshake: How did you know who I was talking about? ;)
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    Talk channels next to merge?

    I hope they keep Leo too, but on XM it's broadcast on a Clear Channel station, and I don't think it will port over. Also, Leo is syndicated by Premiere Radio, which is owned by Clear Channel, so I don't hold out much hope. :mad:
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    After The Channel Merger Are You Adding or Canceling Accounts

    What's wrong with testicles? :eek:
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    After The Channel Merger Are You Adding or Canceling Accounts

    When my Sirius subscription is up in January, I'll cancel. I already activated Best of Sirius. These last few days, my Sirius receiver was not used . . . until today. I was too lazy to go to my car to get the SkyFi3.
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    Cancelling Sirius: How much resistance do they put up?

    That's what I'll be doing when my Sirius sub is up!
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    Talk channels next to merge?

    I predict they will merge. A couple of weeks ago, the feed for CNN was the same on XM and Sirius (same commercials and promos, which was weird hearing a Sirius promo on XM) so I suspect they were testing things. CNBC on XM also, briefly, showed the same PAD data as Sirius' feed. (I'm a dual...
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    Is Sirius-XM prejudiced?

    I suspect because Sirius XM is mandated to turn over channels for minority programming, they felt comfortable dropping some of their offerings in light of that. If they were mandated to turn over channels for middle-aged white guy programming, a few of the classic rock stations would have gone. :D