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    So Lisa G wants to sue SFN?

    Damn I didn't even get a chance to catch this part yet...... On a side note there used to be a decent website that one could get archived stern shows, are there any others. I am a paid sirius subscriber, but when I missed a show i was nice to know i could get it from said site. Please pm me...
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    H & B off to Cailf?

    She's on the show not because she's promoting a book, but because she's howard's wife.... and yes its a sell out... but at the same time Kimmel and Stern are friends, so I don't see it as THAT crazy of an idea. The conversation about kids will be coming up soon though..... its going to happen
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    David Arquette is gonna sit in for the show?

    I have to agree David's laugh was kind of annoying, but the rest of the show outweighed that. I also agree with one of the previous posters saying about teh celebrity fans coming in, they at least know when to chime in, when to make a comment, and know they don't always need to be 'on.'...
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    After more than 4 years of the Wrap Up Show

    I like TWUS, I find it entertaining to a point, and that point is where they get into something that they concentrate on for 45 minutes... JD and getting a date with Ashley and what they would do.... JD is a marble mouth, its funny as hell listening to him talk, but not about the same damn...
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    Looks like the people over at Foxxhole are trying to get something going

    If only Howard could get ppl into the studio that have done movies in 2007 it would be great..... Meh Howard doesn't care.... and that'll be that. Its the whole "don't shit where you eat," and I think Howard has gone down that road.
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    "Time for a George Takei Announce"

    WHy haven't they filled that chair yet..? or at least have some people come in and sit in that chair.... I have no idea whats going on there. To the OP question. I find some of the announcements mildly entertaining, but like someone previously said they are ususally far to long, and then...
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    First to write a

    I never thought of that, but now that I think of it there are definately NDA, no way Howard would let anything like that go. I mean hell you can't listen to his shows on any other device then ones he allows, you can't listen to clips of his shows on any other Sirius channel..... Strange...
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    Why do you think Bubba created the NED character?

    I thought this had to do with some sort of bet between Bubba and a competing radio talk show host or something like that on how long they could keep a fake character running for...... Could be totally off about it though
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    First to write a

    Sorry I guess I wasn't clear, I meant a more of a 'behind the scenes of the Howard Stern Show book"
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    First to write a

    Tell all book...? Did a search on the forums to see if this is ever brought up, but who do we think will be the first to write a book... I mean it has to be someone with little to no money, and very desperate, assuming Howard does retire (which I don't think he will)... Anyways any ideas...
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    Robin on Jay Thomas Show being a bitch

    I can't even imagine her doing any show.... Are the people so delusional that work for Howard think they'll be able to do any type of work (long lasting 2yrs+) for anyone or anything? I mean perhaps some behind the scenes stuff for Ta Ta toothy, but not anywhere near his pay.....or...
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    2nd best radio show

    I listen to the Adam Corolla Podcast and this other one that is fairly popular Keith and the Girl, its a pretty decent radio podcast... if we are talking "talk radio here" that speaks of 'current events' has some comedians on there etc... meh maybe because I'm of a younger generation I can...
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    "Live" show the week of April 5?

    Yea but Friday is the holiday.... and Monday is "easter monday"... meh whatever we'll find out
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    Sal And Richard Pizza Autotune Call

    It was hilarious my wife was listenign to it with me, and she only listens to Stern when I am, and she was laughing her ass off as well.... funny stuff definately.
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    "Live" show the week of April 5?

    But Monday won't have a show because of Easter as far as I know, so its just T/W/Th and thats it as far as I know, unless Monday isn't a 'real holiday'....??