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    (NEW) Full Lyrics for Plus and Premium Plans

    If they move it to the G2, that will be the feature I'll upgrade to plus for.
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    What would make Slacker better?

    Better (faster) FF and Rewind on my .mp3s and bookmarking so I could listen to a long podcast, listen to one of the stations and then come back to where I was in the podcast.
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    New (G2) firmware 1.9.34 (2/11/09)

    I couldn't believe I beat you to the punch ;) Thanks for adding the specifics! David
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    New (G2) firmware 1.9.34 (2/11/09)

    New firmware when I refreshed tonight! Has a sleep timer, auto-off when power removed, lots of user requested features. Here are the specifics about the firmware changes per RomeE on Slacker Forum! What's New: 1. Automatically pause of music when external power is lost - Music Playback...
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    A word of caution RE Slacker Customer Service

    Maybe since we are all refugees from SirusXM they think we expect it :rolleyes:
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    Slacker / Bluetooth

    Here is the setup I use. You can find them cheaper... Logitech FreePulse
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    DEAL ALERT!: 8gb/40 Stations G1 $75 Shipped @ Sellout Woot!

    I just got one for my wife. The G2 for me and the G1 for her. She's been forced to listen to terrestrial radio since I canceled Sirius.
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    I'm worried about getting Slacker radio to work right

    There isn't anything I know of that will let you listen through the CD. Your best bet is to plug it into an AUX port on your radio. If, like me, you don't have one, a FM transmitter will give you about the same sound quality as your XM FM adapter. There are some direct connect setups available...
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    Ban Artists on G2

    25 minutes for the complete and exact answer! I love forums!! :bigthumbup: Thanks DAB! David
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    I'm worried about getting Slacker radio to work right

    The only real worry is if you have a device on your network with the IP address of Other than that, it should install fine. The software creates an internet sharing connection and that is already accounted for in windows so there shouldn't be a problem. It takes a few minutes to get...
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    Ban Artists on G2

    I would like to ban an artist from my custom station. The only way I've seen to do it is to catch a song by them playing on the web page and then clicking to ban artist. The problem is that I don't listen on the web page, I use my G2 exclusively. These are artists I haven't added to my station...
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    How often do you refresh your portable player ? How do you use your portable ?

    I listen all day at work. I'm too much of a slacker to change stations, so I just loaded up all the artists I like onto one mega rock station and leave it there. I'm hoping that will eventually fill up with a day's worth of songs so it doesn't repeat. I do have the comedy and classic rock...
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    FS: SL100, SL10 and accessories

    Both receivers are gone now.
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    Makeshift products for Slacker G2 car cradle/protective case

    I tried a regular cassette case, didn't like it. I finally found I could use mesh business card holder. It works great to be able to read the display as it sits under my monitor.
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    Refreshing Slacker G1/G2 portable players

    From what I understand, the address is hard-coded into Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing. I've found that there isn't any difference between wifi or usb connections for refreshing, but I use the usb because I do move some mp3 files. David