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    And another champion is crowned!

    I would not say that Clint won the championship, I would say that Carl lost the championship. Clint is not ever on the same tier driver wise that Carl is. Think, Just a few years ago, Carl was stocking shelves at a grocery store when called to come race a truck, and ever since he has been a...
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    Send your pissed off messeges here. Do it now, do it often

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Customer Care
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    Teresa must really hate Dale Jr.

    So to make me understand this, Teresa Earnhardt would rather merge with a team that does not have much success and does not have sponsors or drivers ready for 2009. What was her other option? It was to let Dale Jr, take 51 percent of the DEI team, even in tough times Dale Jr can not only pull...
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    Congrats Pig Face and your white trash wife

    If Bobby Hamilton Jr or his wife are offended in what i said and feel they can justify what they have done on video, they can contact me on here as i use my real email. The sad truth is his resemblance to a pig is uncanny. As for his wife to be in high heels and walk onto pit row and give the...
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    Congrats Pig Face and your white trash wife

    judge for yourself, pig boy and trailer trash wife YouTube - Bobby Hamilton Jr Punches Landon Cassil - Memphis Post Race Fight!
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    Congrats Pig Face and your white trash wife

    wow, no wonder bobby hamilton jr cant find sponsorship. his attitude leaves a ton to be desired. his wife is straight off the hillbilly band wagon. they cant live in a house it has to be a trailer on wheels, Also nice bulls@#t statement in your interview pig face
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    Totally Self Serving, But In Case Anyone's Interested

    oh ok, just making sure this was a post to sell a car, cause after this post a whole other tangent was born. So Dave, i was just wondering how well you know Jr. If you put him in that car and took a few pics of him driving it, you could double your asking price.
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    How would you revamp the track you find the most boring?

    I would add South Boston's Bologna Burger to all there menu's. Then after qualifying i would invert the entire field. So i would not have any top teams going as slow as possible, i would make qualifying on the pole worth 1,000,000 and 100 championship bonus points yes i know the second part is...
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    Why does this keep happening, It makes me mad every dang time

    I do understand why they do it, i am saying i dont think it is a correct way to handle it. If a football team wins the super bowl, then the team is tested, one player has illegal steroids do we take away the win, or just suspend that player. In the past history, its only the player who gets...
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    Why does this keep happening, It makes me mad every dang time

    NASCAR has issued penalties, suspensions and fines to the #83 team in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, as a result of rules infractions found on Tuesday during a Martinsville post-race inspection at the NASCAR Research and Development Center in Concord, N.C. The car was found to be in violation of...