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    Delphi Roady XT.

    new to forum; looking for xm radio. is this still available?
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    FS: XM Roady XT

    is this still available and is it sure connect receiver only. thanks
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    NBA on Sirius

    does xm now carry the nba instead of sirius. been a member of sirius but looking to change to xm if they have the nba package as they also have baseball. have a sportster sirius receiver and will not pickup the best of xm according to sirius; so if xm has nba I will buy new radio and...
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    old sirius user switching to xm

    thanks for the reply; would I be better off buying an older radio without sure connect like ski-fi2 or roady xt without sure connect. looks like I have 3 cheap radios, car mounts, and boomboxes to sell.
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    old sirius user switching to xm

    been sirius user for 4 years and now going to switch to xm as sirius took away my nba package and college football and basketball games and gave them to xm. on to my question; have 3 sirius sportser radios and 3 boomboxes to go with these. they are audiovox units. will the car mounts and/or...