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    Merry Christmas (The 2013 Edition) Happy 2014!

    Merry Christmas DRC!
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    The Official 2014 World Cup Thread

    Congratulations to Sporting Kansas City - 2013 MLS Cup champs!
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    2013 NFL Season discussion thread

    If Coach Del Rio is being looked at for the USC job, will his record filling in for Coach Fox in Denver carry any more weight than the 9 seasons as HC in Jacksonville?
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    2013 DRC 2 League

    Anyone interested? The season's only 3 weeks away!
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    2013 MLB Season Thread

    It's been 28 years, who knows what folks here in KC will do if the Royals make the playoffs (other than buy playoff tickets, of course)...the city's pretty giddy over the fact that the Royals are actually relevant in August! That being said....Royals WIN again! Jeremy Guthrie throws a 4-hit...
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    2013 NFL Season discussion thread

    It's that time of the year again! Let's talk football! Whether it's training camp, preseason, regular season, or playoffs, it's all good and all welcome in this thread!
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    2013 DRC 2 League

    Smoke'n Grillers FC has returned to DRC2....
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    2013 NCAA Tourney Pick'Em

    Still trying to become a two-time champ.... In with the "Builder Bracket". EDIT: Changed bracket name to "drc_builder_j". (inspired by the use of "sbs_builder_j" in 2008...which resulted in a win....will lady luck strike twice?)
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    Jerry Jones new ride

    The bus will also be easier for fans to spot and egg after a Cowboys' loss. :)
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    2013 DRC Fans Vote: AFC West

    My vote? Think red...
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    DRC NFL Pick'em League 2012

    Don't forget...get your picks in by Wed. evening...unless you're willing to take a L on the Giants-Cowboys game...
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    Forum Food Fight- Game

    I guess this thread hasn't died after all! :) Empanada
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    DRC2 Fantasy League

    We're getting down to the wire...anyone interested in joining? There are slots available, but time is running out!! See posts above for info if you want to sign up - it's free!!
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    DRC NFL Pick'em League 2012

    "The Burnt Ends" are back for seconds! :)
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    Who Am I? Week #174

    The Cosby Show?