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    Dumb prank went bad

    Ugh - this is painful. This is like me saying, "I don't support more funding for schools," and you coming back with, "Why do you want stupid children?," without understanding what I'm really saying. So, first: I understand that they do things other than hassle people driving around. I'm not...
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    Dumb prank went bad

    I've been pulled over for window tint. Cop pulls me over, asks the typical, "Do you know why I pulled you over?" I answered, "Well, I was going the speed limit (people passing me by) so that's not it.." "It's your window tint.." That's not solving crime. That's not protecting the public...
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    Dumb prank went bad

    I know some cops and recognize there are some good ones and some bad ones. When I see a cop on the side of the road I don't think, "Oh, look, a cop! This must be a safe area!" Instead I think of him as an adversary just looking to hassle random people and collect revenue for the local...
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    SiriusXM?s Newest Radio Now available at TSS Radio

    Looks like a nice radio. I'm glad I passed on the Lynx.
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    Cancelled a radio today

    What's the current, normal going rate for SiriusXM? Nevermind - just looked it up: $18 and I'm guessing you add in the $2 Music royalty fee on top of that. I thought that's what it's been at for years, though.. Is this the new price or is it going up on Jan 1? I think satellite radio at...
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    Dumb prank went bad

    Cops don't really stop crime, except for traffic infringements such as speeding, they really just report it. I've had stuff stolen and they would take the report and I'd even found evidence and they just didn't care. The report was done - call the insurance company.
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    Dumb prank went bad

    He seemed surprised by the warrant. I'm wondering if there really was a warrant or if it was just the cop saying, "There's a warrant.. I need to take you in..," just to hassle the guy. It does showcase the stupidity of the law, though. I'm not saying you should be on your mobile phone while...
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    Sirius Lifetime and Kindle

    This is because of the stupid game that they play. The lifetime online access is 32Kbps (max) and limited to your PC. If you want to listen on any other device, even at 32Kbps (max), then you're out of luck unless you pay. If you pay then you'll get 128Kbps (max) streaming of all of their...
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    Free SkyDock?

    It's a great item, even if you don't have XM, just to be able to have a nice place to dock your phone, charge it, and get the audio into your stereo. It's just that the connector is changing. I've thought about opening up the one I've lent my daughter when she goes the iPhone 5 (or whatever)...
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    Free SkyDock?

    With the new iPhones the connection has changed. With every passing day there are more newer connections than the older ones thus making the SkyDock, which is a nice device, less attractive. Yes, you can get the adapter but then your iPhone is an inch up on the SkyDock and it looks stupid.
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    Immigrant observations about the US

    You could give them the muffin-bottoms.. (someone will get it)
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    Windows 9 looking a lot like Linux?

    I think Winows 8 suffered from the notion of, "Tiles seem to work great on tablets! It should be the interface for everything everywhere!!" If you look at Macs, they get a little of this, too, from the, at least on my machine, never used LaunchPad. I like the interface to my microwave oven. I...
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    God's Toaster

    I wasn't sure. I could see someone coming up with a hard and fast rule of: "No Advertising!" to defeat spammers and then any link to Amazon becomes a spam. Anyway.. Good to know.
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    God's Toaster

    If I violated that in the raised-from-the-dead coffee grinder thread then just delete my post.
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    keurig coffee

    I have a coffee grinder for spices. KitchenAid Blade Coffee Grinder : : Kitchen & Dining I have a burr grinder for coffee. KitchenAid Pro Line Series Burr Coffee Mill, Onyx Black: Kitchen & Dining