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    Gas Prices

    $3.29 north nj for regular
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    Best Buy Leaks Sirius XM Lynx

    Good point. I hope they don't go away, but if they do, I hope they put a good transition plan together to keep us lifetimers happy.
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    Best Buy Leaks Sirius XM Lynx

    Now if I can only swap one of my (soon to be obsolete in 2015) Sirius 1.0 lifetime radios over to this radio for some flat fee, I'd be set.
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    Goodbye Bridge -- Hello Elton John

    I wish they would get rid of all single artist channels.
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    Slacker 2.0 for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Approved (6-2-10)

    Thanks. Yes I meant I'm not paying now, and didn't want to lose the ability to see what artist is coming up next. Since they took that away on the web player, I thought they'd do the same for the iphone app. I backed up my old .IPA for the current version, so if I don't like the new one...
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    Slacker 2.0 for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Approved (6-2-10)

    I just use the free version of slacker. If I upgrade, do I lose the ability to see what artist is coming up next (as has already happened to the web player)? If so, I won't bother upgrading as I don't get caching anyway as a free-user.
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    Slacker Radio (Continues to Lag Behind Pandora)

    The current version of slacker for free users still lets you see the next artist. I'm guessing that like the website did a few months ago, that feature will be removed as well from Slacker 2.0 iphone.
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    Who Still Has The "Old School" XM Radios Active?

    Still have a skyfi2, myfi and inno1 (1.05) working. Have Xact1 and Sportster replay on the Sirius side still in service.
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    Possible clue on Bubba's potential future on internet radio?

    Doubt Bubba would go internet only. There's just TOOOOOOOO many choices on the internet. It'd be hard to make any profit off of it. Throwing out a free podcast is one thing, but to try and make a living off of it, is anyone doing that these days? I mean exclusively living off of a paid...
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    New Promotion at DRC (2-19-10)

    Cool beans
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    Bubba's meltdown on 1/26

    Why shit on the fans that are left listening, by playing mexican music or whatever? They arent the problem bubba....
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    Howard Stern to Return to Terrestrial Radio?

    Not sure... but if its not, it really does look like him.
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    Howard Stern to Return to Terrestrial Radio?

    I wish they'd just show him w/o the wig already: And I actually think he'll go back to terrestrial. Stern LOVES to be in the spotlight I think more than he likes being uncensored. Its in his personality. He loves being the center of attention. He just doesn't get that buzz anymore...
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    Sirius XM for your crackberry

    I'm not surprised. It was such a cluster fuk when they did all the grandfathering. Some people called and got upgraded, some didn't. Some emailed MEL to get upgraded. But yea at least mine says premium and my iphone app streaming works :)
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    Sirius XM for your crackberry

    Thats correct. Originally they gave me the "free" grandfathered streaming that was only the low quality. But I kept calling in saying that they never specified that I would be losing the higher quality stream, and after about 4 calls or so, they set me up on a lifetime premium streaming...