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    The Groove on DISH

    Why is not SiriusXM The Groove channel 50 now included on DISH Sat ? They added it to the Sirius side of the lineup May 9, is it going to be added to DISH also? The other XM only channels that got put on the Sirius side are now there, but no channel 50.
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    SiriusXM on DISH

    Can anyone tell me with the new channels added to the Sirius side as of May 9, why the Groove Channel 50 hasnt been added to the DISH Sat lineup? The other ones are there. Thx
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    Avatar thread of the week #100: SIRIUS Backstage Week

    I am here backstagers. Sounds like an old O'jays tune :)
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    Internet Speed. What's Fast Enough?

    I have Cox, and pay $48 bucks for 18/down & 5 up, but the speeds are almost always faster....they replaced my modem this month and my speed are almost always 20down/14 up
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    Mac or PC ? Laptop or Desktop?

    I have a 13" macbook pro laptop, a 27" iMac, a 24" iMac, and a 20" HP all in one desktop..... I use my macs 90% of the time or more. Just easier and faster. I often tell people comparing mac to windows is like driving a car with automatic (mac) or standard stick shift (windows)-...
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    Got a new iMac...Finally

    I got a new iMac 27" last month, its great. I had an older 2009 24" that is now my spare. New one is much better/faster !!! Love it!
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    How Long Have You Been A Subscriber

    XM since 10/2001 Sirius since 5/2002 ( was one of first 1000 subscribers):)
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    Sirius/XM 2.0

    Yeah like that ever
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    Top 5 Eagles Song

    Witchy Woman I Can't Tell You Why Take It Easy New Kid In Town Victim of Love
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    Bridge out yet again

    Thanks Mel....:rolleyes:
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    New channel: Pearl Jam Radio

    Not to worry Strobe fans..... SiriusXM says you can find some of the music now on The Groove, oh wait.......Sirius doesn't get the Groove!! Who plans these things? :mad:
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    Goodbye Bridge -- Hello Elton John

    No, The Bridge website already says Elton is coming to Channel 33 for a week, that means on air not just online.
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    Goodbye Bridge -- Hello Elton John

    Don't give them any ideas!! We still can't get the Groove up on the Sirius side!! I know 3 people who got new Fords or Chryslers recently, and cancelled their Sirius because no Groove (only on XM).:(
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    Goodbye Bridge -- Hello Elton John

    It has already been on too long........
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    SIRIUS Display Lag

    XM had computer probs yesterday morning...... some channels had to play music from the cd player until it was fixed.