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    Arizona Monsoon Storms

    The rainfall today was apperently record breaking. According to some news stations, Phoenix has never experienced this much rain in one day since records have been kept. My commute, which normally takes about 20 minutes, took about 45. One thing that did surprise me were the other drivers out...
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    Gas Prices

    Just paid $2.94 a gallon at Shell. Regular price was $3.04 but my Frys card dropped that down by 10 cents. :D
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    Where have you lived in your life?

    San Francisco, CA Golden Valley, AZ Coolidge, AZ Mesa, AZ
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    200,000 Miles!

    Alright guys, here are some pictures! Here it is at 100K Miles. Here it is at 150K Miles. And here it is at 200K Miles.
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    200,000 Miles!

    Thats really good! I'm actually more shocked that the compressor lasted that many miles. I think in that case it may have to do more with age rather than miles, since those miles were accumulated rather quickly. The picture looks good, and I agree that having no payment rocks! I...
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    200,000 Miles!

    There were two times where I did go 5000k. But also a few times where I only went about 1500, because it had been three months since the last oil change. BTW, I have been changing the oil (as well as other fluids) myself since 2009. When I go on my road trips I always end up averaging 28...
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    200,000 Miles! Well, I finally got to the 200K mile mark! Below is the work that has been done to it in the eight years of ownership. Bought the car in 2005 with just under 84K miles. Headliner was sagging Apperently the a/c sucksion hose had...
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    Orange Is the New Black

    I have watched a few episodes, not bad.
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    Odd items thieves love to steal

    Those are the last things I would want to steal.
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    How The Human Face Might Look In 100,000 Years

    So they are basically going to look like anime charaters?
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    Jodi Arias Trial

    She was found GUILTY of 1st Degree murder.
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    What for lunch?

    I'm late on this but the habit has really good burgers. So next time you are in the mood for burgers try the habit. Habit Burger
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    News Anchor Loses Job on First Day!

    A new anchor in North Dakota loses his job on the first day for saying "fucking shit" live on the air. In his defense he didn't know they were live on air. I found it hilarious. [FULL]Bismarck KFYR News Anchor A.J. Clemente Accidentally Swears On Air - YouTube
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    Pilot Flying J accused of fraud

    Who isnt these days? Its getting really old and fast. Too bad, Pilot/Flying J are good places to stop when driving cross country.
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    This yard got trashed

    You got me on this one. :agree: