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    Price Increase to $14.49 on January 1

    Figured that I would chime in my 2 cents. I just auto-renewed on the XM side in December for 2 radios and streaming for $300 (No-Stern). To be honest, I've always considered having XM as a luxury and for the convenience and variety. For the amount of time I listen per day (8 + hrs), it's still...
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    SiriusXM to add 30 new channels

    I agree, this is a big time winner for me. An excellent compliment to 1st Wave. :bigthumbup:
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    Jimmy John's

    I like Jimmy John's when the mood strikes every now and then. I always get the Big John. Pretty basic stuff - meat, iceberg lettuce, tomato and mayo. The roll is pretty darn yummy.
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    Who Can Explain This One?

    I'm not sure if this is the same person highlighted on Stern's show, but here is the guy who was arrested and sentenced in OKC recently. He ended up pleading guilty to sexual battery. Be warned that the video in this story is on auto-play..... Oklahoma City man who wore diapers...
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    What are you packing?

    Both the wife and I have the iPhone 4 on AT&T and love it. Yes, I know I bitched in the past about the data plans, but that fell hard once we saw the benefits. I prefer keeping everyone on the same platform so I can better manage everything, so my teenager will probably end up with an iPhone...
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    Report: Apple To Offer Free 3GS iPhone

    I've been debating getting one for my oldest daughter later this summer / early fall. I'm a bit concerned on the performace of iOS 5 on it though and may opt to get her an iPhone 4 instead. I've read on several mac boards that the beta seems to run fine on the 3gs, but being locked in...
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    If you weren't raptured today...

    Still here. Of course if you talk to my two daughters (12 & 10) the world ended this weekend when the internet connection to the house was down from Friday to Sunday night. Oh the horrors!!!!!!
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    New Sirius Music Lineup May 4th

    Well, I plopped my iPod Touch into the Skydock and fired the App up preparing for the worst - and boom! My presets have the new channel numbers. No complaints here, gang!
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    IE9 Now Available

    Loaded IE9 on both the home desktop and the wife's laptop about a week ago with no issues. Wife hasn't complained (or even really noticed), so it is a winner in my book. The web pages do seem to load much faster.
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    Great alternative for new SXM player

    I'd really love to get this to run on my work-provided laptop, but I don't have Admin privilages so it doesn't seem to install correctly. Oh well, guess I will fire up the new website player today and see if it bothers to work correctly.
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    new SIRIUS XM online player

    Well, it's completely bombed out on me and I can't log back in. I get some weird error message. Glad we're the beta testers on this one. I can't believe that the same company that put out the Skydock with it's top-notch UI, released this disaster of an online player.
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    new SIRIUS XM online player

    I agree that the new player is not very intuitive. It took me a bit of time to figure out how to tune in a station also. In the past I used both the Sirius and XM players and actually preferred the Sirius player (which was nothing like this new siriusxm player). Having the album art is a nice...
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    iPhone coming to Verizon in January

    The wife is pretty excited about all this. Her contract with AT&T ends on 1/29 and she is ready to upgrade to an iPhone and dump AT&T for Verizon. Honestly I don't hear too much grumbling about network issues with AT&T around these parts, but after 8 years with them she is ready to move...
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    Man ejaculates during TSA patdown; arrested

    Well that one might be fake, but this was for real (except for all the plastic surgery work of course). In bra, panties and wheelchair, woman goes through Oklahoma City airport screening this morning |
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    NBA Fantasy League

    Oops, looks like I checked my email too late. I'll keep my eye open for a thread next year (barring a lock-out!) Have a good one gang!