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    Family of 4 (4 iPhones)

    We have Sirius in the car, and recently added Online Premium. It appears the iphone app will only support 1 phone at a time, as it logs other users out when one logs in. Is there a way around this aggravating restriction?
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    WMC schedule is up!!

    Other than the Tan Announcements, it is starting out great! Love the energy this builds.
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    MLB iPhone App

    And NOW Mlb At Bat shows 2 live video games a day. for iPhone and iPod touch | Mobile
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    Software that allows me to pause Sirius stream?

    StarPlayr for OSX
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    Starplayr & uSirius are no longer available

    StarPlayr for OSX is back in Beta. Check to download.
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    Whats your plan after March 11th?

    well it is march 11, what happens now? the site looks the same
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    StarPlayr for Windows Public Alpha - GeeksToolBox, LLC

    can anyone email me a working link or zip of the windows app, looks like the nicemac guys are not going to support it anymore and it isnt on their website
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    SIR (3rd Party Web App)

    Back about 2 years ago there was a webapp I could load on my cell phone that could login to XM webradio. (Bypassing the crappy captcha and XM/Sirius site) Does something like this exist. My Nokia phone can’t use the Starplayr apps as far as I know. Thanks in advance.
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    StarPlayr for Windows Public Alpha - GeeksToolBox, LLC Temporarily Unavailable:( When can we expect it to be back up?
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    Whats your plan after March 11th?

    I canceled, the rep didnt try to keep me. I honestly liked BBC R1 and BBC News, but I guess I have one month to see how the morning commute goes.
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    $100 off lifetime subscription

    starting march 11, i think the 32k stream is being turned off and it will all be 128k.
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    Why did the track listings disappear for BBC Radio 1? (Sirius 11)
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    $100 off lifetime subscription

    my 1 year annual (Automobile) account is done in 2 days. Would it be advisable to get the lifetime for 300? That is the equivalent of 23 months of service and free 128kbps net account since I would lock in. Or is it advisable to go for a retention annual sub at 77? (then that means the net...
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    Whats your plan after March 11th?

    Lifetime If I go lifetime, do I get lifetime internet radio?
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    Can one add a rental car and remove after done?

    My sub is attached to my car radio. I prefer the integrated approach, i wanted to know if I could transfer subs, or add on a 6.99 for 1 month.